Call it a wrap – another two-day Watercolor Yoga Retreat successfully completed at the Crocker Museum of Art.  Here, class members strike a pose surrounded by the glorious colors of the Sam Francis show.  Aligning the art of watercolor with the Seven Chakras – otherwise known as energy centers for yoga practitioners – is not as much of a stretch as you might think.  Since color is simply the visible manifestation of the energy field of the electromagnetic spectrum, the control and flow of color on paper is a practice akin to the control and flow of energy in the practice of yoga poses.  Working with Yogi Madeleine Lohman – a terrific teacher and coach – we are able to make synergy happen as participants flex their creative muscle and enjoy a workshop like no other.  We’ll be facilitating another one at Lake Tahoe this summer as creativity retreat for the Buck Foundation.  Can’t wait!