The creative juices were flowing at our watercolor & yoga workshop at the Buck Scholar Retreat in sunny Squaw Valley in California’s High Sierras last weekend.  Creativity research tells us that breakthroughs often occur when two or more disciplines intersect. Whether you call it Chi or Prada, the life force was with us as we explored color – yet another form of energy –  and gave our muscles a good creative stretch.

“The act  of creation,” wrote Arthur Koestler, is based on “the thesis that creative originality does not mean creating or originating a system of ideas out of nothing but rather out of a combination of well-established patterns of thought–by a process of cross-fertilization.”  Koestler calls this process “bisociation.”  “The creative act,” he said, “…uncovers, selects, reshuffles, combines, synthesizes already existing facts, ideas, faculties, skills.”

The cross-fertilization between yoga and art had rich results.  Participants juried a selection of their works to be matted, framed and included in a silent auction to benefit future Buck scholarship recipients.