Creativity Retreats

2-day Fall Workshop in Vermont

Creative by Design

September 20 & 21, 9:00-4:00 at the Bennington Center for the Arts


Art and science converge in a workshop about inspiration, imagination and intentional creativity.  If you’ve ever run headlong into artist block or just felt stuck-in-a-rut, this two-day retreat will give your creative muscle a good stretch.  Artists of all mediums and skills levels are invited to join us as we dispel the myth of the muse and learn what neuroscience has to say about the artistic process.  We’ll be using watercolors and assorted drawing tools for creative cross-training in this hands-on workshop where you’ll interpret the science for yourself in a series of drawings, doodles and playful paintings.

● Experience the difference between just looking and actually seeing.  As artists, we sometimes take vision for granted – yet it is an incredibly complex process that uses up a sizeable portion of the brain’s energy and computing power. How do we make the most of it?

● Discover the overlap between how the brain processes what we see and the elements and principles of design – the basic compositional tools that guide us through creating a work of art.

● Learn how an intentional creative process offers cognitive benefits that extend well beyond making art.

● Return to your studio with an artful array of simple and effective strategies to reinvigorate your own creative process.

Register directly through the Benningon, by calling Jade Trombley at 802-442-7158 or email her at Course fee is $250.  Full payment is expected upon registration.  Workshops are open to all artists for registration – AWA members receive 10% discount on all workshops. Email me for a supplies list.

Art, Yoga, Earfilms!

An weekend experiential multi-sensory journey in collaboration with The Crocker Museum of Art and the Mondavi Center… March 21-22

This workshop will be unlike anything you’ve done before!  You’ll just have to see it to believe it…or listen closely, as is the case with Earfilms, an innovative performance group with roots in the United Kingdom, the BBC, New York and Toronto.  Earfilms will be performing at the Mondavi Center on the UC Davis campus in March, and in conjunction with the Mondavi and the Crocker Art Museum, I’ll be team-teaching a creative workshop built around this mind-blowing event.

On March 21, we’ll meet at the Mondavi for creativity exercises, meditation, light yoga and a gourmet box supper.  Then we attend the first-ever feature-length Earfilm, To Sleep, To Dream; a purely audio event that fuses storytelling, 3D sound and a cinematic musical score into a hyperreal experience that will unlock your imagination. The following day, we meet at the Crocker Art Museum to create mixed-media artscapes using all five senses to access the inner visions from the night before.

Space is limited, and already filling fast.  You must register with through the Crocker.  $150 for members and $185 for non-members, includes admission to the Mondavi, box supper, admission to the Corcker and art supplies.  Team taught: Kathy Lemke Waste and Madeleine Lohman.

Watercolor and Yoga: a “Bisociation” in the High Sierras

The creative juices were flowing at our watercolor & yoga workshop at the Buck Scholar Retreat in sunny Squaw Valley in California’s High Sierras last weekend.  Creativity research tells us that breakthroughs often occur when two or more disciplines intersect. Whether you call it Chi or Prada, the life force was with us as we explored color – yet another form of energy –  and gave our muscles a good creative stretch.

“The act  of creation,” wrote Arthur Koestler, is based on “the thesis that creative originality does not mean creating or originating a system of ideas out of nothing but rather out of a combination of well-established patterns of thought–by a process of cross-fertilization.”  Koestler calls this process “bisociation.”  “The creative act,” he said, “…uncovers, selects, reshuffles, combines, synthesizes already existing facts, ideas, faculties, skills.”

The cross-fertilization between yoga and art had rich results.  Participants juried a selection of their works to be matted, framed and included in a silent auction to benefit future Buck scholarship recipients.

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