Kathrine Lemke Wastephoto by – Scott Bisch

Artist’s Statement

It is the essential function of my painting to get the viewer to, as Wordsworth put it, “see into the life of things.” In a world that bombards us with thousands of visual messages each day, the enduring challenge for me as an artist is to get the viewer to use an eye made quiet, to hold a particular moment in time as transaction among artist, subject and audience. As Georgia O’Keeffe noted, “objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense.” While the subject matter I paint is best described as contemporary realism – pattern, light, color, form and surface are the most important elements to me in the process of making a painting.



Kathrine Lemke Waste  explores the artifacts of modern culture with a pop art sensibility, grounded in her Northern California roots. Her paintings celebrate color, form and light as she finds beauty in common, ordinary objects.

“Waste’s visually poetic images have often been described as ‘luminous.’ Her works are distinctive in the way they capture light and reflections,” writes Bonnie Gangelhoff of her work in Southwest Art Magazine. “Simple, ordinary objects like a kitchen toaster are transformed into beautiful shiny objects through her imaginative eye.”

Kathrine’s paintings and writings about the agricultural riches of the region were a regular feature for the Sacramento Bee in her popular weekly visual column, “One Perfect Thing.” She’s been highlighted in several issues of Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine and her work was featured in the Sunset Magazine’s Arizona Idea House. Kathrine’s painting, “Satsuma Mandarins” was selected by California Senate President pro Tem, Darrel Steinberg to hang in the California State Senate’s 8th Annual California Contemporary Art Collection.

Waste studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design in the early 1980s, as well as what she describes as a “five-year apprenticeship” with Salvatore Casa, winner of the American Watercolor Society’s Gold Medal. She has taken workshops with Charles Reid, Nicholas Simmons, Guy Diehl and Stephen Kaltenbach.

Kathrine teaches watercolor workshops for the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and throughout the Northern California region. Her teaching background extends to academe, where she spent 15 years teaching in the California’s state college and university system including UC San Diego, Palomar Community College and California State University, Chico. Currently, she brings the art of painting into the workplace through creativity and innovation workshops, recently completing a two-month project for Intel.

Kathrine is a Master Signature Member of American Women Artists and serves as President on the AWA Board of Directors.


new-sw“Kathrine Lemke Waste captures fleeting moments in exquisite still-life paintings. She brings to her works a heightened poetic sensibility that has evolved naturally from a lifelong love of painting.”

Norman Kolpas
Southwest Art Magazine, January 2012
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“Waste’s visually poetic images have often been described as ‘luminous.’ Her works are distinctive in the way they capture light and reflections. Simple, ordinary objects like a kitchen toaster are transformed into beautiful shiny objects through her imaginative eye.”

Bonnie Gangelhoff
Southwest Art Magazine, June 2007
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“We’ve all heard the saying “food is art,” yet sometimes art is food; the synergy between the two mediums is unmistakable. One of my all-time favorite artists, Kathrine Lemke Waste, brings enticing delicacies to vivid life by means of brush and canvas; devouring them with the eyes brings as much pleasure – and fewer calories – as actual consumption.”

Candy Lesher, Editor-in-Chief
Arizona Food and Lifestyles Magazine


“One look at Kathrine Lemke Waste’s luminous narrative still life paintings and it’s clear she brings both mastery and joy to the medium.”

N Magazine, July 2005


“Kathrine Lemke Waste finds a beauty in common, ordinary objects that other people may just pass by without noticing. Her watercolors, done in a tight, hyper-realistic style, focus in on these objects in order to bring out a sense of narrative and history.”

American Art Collector Magazine, November 2006
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“What makes Kathrine Lemke Waste’s watercolors so distinctive is her sense of reflection and perfection. She reflects upon objects from her generation and uses the reflection of light as her hallmark. In an unforgiving medium, her sense of color is perfect and her edges all well defined; true marks of a master watercolorist.”

Clark David Olson, Owner, Bonner David Gallery
in American Art Collector Magazine, November 2006


“California artist Kathrine Lemke Waste’s still lifes reflect her day-to-day experiences. The food and flowers that appear in her paintings come from her own kitchen and garden. Everyday appliances such as an iron or a toaster also catch her creative eye.”

Southwest Art Magazine, December 2004


“Throw out your old ideas about watercolor and explore the vividly-colored world of Kathrine Lemke Waste. Unlike the sedate images of pale landscapes so often attributed to watercolor painting, Waste’s work arouses the senses. And for Waste, it is in the nature of common objects that we discover our own personal histories. ”

Jill Shortley, LuxLife Magazine
September/October 2007

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Food & Life, September 2005
Sacramento Magazine, September 2001



2017    California Watercolor Association, 47th National Juried Exhibition, Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, California

2016    19th Annual Member Show, American Women Artists, Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vermont

2016   Signature Exhibition, Invitational Group Show, Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, California

2015 Women Artists: Anonymous No More, Group Show, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
2015 A Show of New Work, Second Saturday Artist Reception, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, California
2014 Awash, Watercolor Invitational, SMUD Gallery, Sacramento, California
2014 17th Annual American Women Artists Member Show, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA (Cape Cod)
2014 Prevailing Winds, 2014 – 2015, Booth Museum of Western Art, Cartersville, GA
2013 16th Annual American Women Artists Member Show, Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX
2013 Still Life Invitational, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2013 Visions of the Southwest, Nov 2012 – Jan 2013, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ
2013 Eureka! Northern California’s Golden Light, California Art Club Juried Show, July 12 – September 1, 2013, Bank of America Gallery, Harris Center , Folsom, CA
2012 National Watercolor Society All Member Juried Show, NWS Gallery , San Pedro, CA
2012 California Watercolor Competition, Juried Show , Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA
2012 Still Life Invitational, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2012 15th Annual American Women Artists Member Show, K. Newby Gallery, Tubac, AZ
2012 10th Year Anniversary Group Show, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
2012 California Gems, Paintings of Tahoe & Yosemite, Knowlton Gallery, Lodi, CA
2011 In the Still of the Summer, Group Show, Davis & Blevins Main Street Gallery , Saint Jo, Texas
2011 California Classic Watercolors, Invitational, Knowlton Gallery, Lodi, California
2011 National American Women Artists Juried Exhibition & Member Show, Huff Harrington, Atlanta, Georgia 
2011 It’s Still Life, Group Show, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
2010 American Women Artists National Juried Exhibition & Master Signature and Signature Member Show, Southwest Gallery, Dallas Texas
2010 From Farm to Table, Solo Show, Nestware Gallery, Davis, CA
2010 Invitational Still Life Group Show: “The Still Life”, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2009 One Perfect Thing, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2008 “Working Memory”, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2007 Guest Artist, American Women Artists Biannual Exhibition, LaKae Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2006 Oil and Water, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
2006 New Works, Elliot Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2005-2006 Quick Bites, Group Show, Phoenix Airport Museum, Arizona
2005 Guest Artist, American Women Artists Annual Exhibition, Texas Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2005 Finishing Touches, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
2004 Play Ball, John Natsoulas Galleries, Davis, California
2003 Home Sweet Home, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
2002 Grand Opening Exhibition, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
2002 American Woman Artists Fifth Annual Juried Show, Columbine Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2002 Coffeeworks, The Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, California
2002 Tower Vision, Tower Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2002 Tarts and Champagne, Works on Paper, solo show, Tower Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2001 American Woman Artists Fourth Annual Juried Show, Contemporary Southwest Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2000 American West Art Show, Laramie, Wyoming
1999 Kitchen Reflections, solo show, Weaveworks Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1997 Salon Exhibition, juried show, Silver Merit Award winner, Cory’s Gallery, Chico, CA